1. chessboard stairs

    chessboard stairs

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  2. star shifters

    star shifters

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  3. rainbow waves

    rainbow waves

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  4. Anonymous

    Did you have a strong coding background before getting into processing? I'm looking to get into it, but, getting into it as a designer and having never coded much, processing seems pretty daunting.

    I had a fairly small amount of coding experience. Processing isn’t that hard, you can do it >:)

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  5. line dimension

    line dimension

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  6. space juggle

    space juggle

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  7. circles / triangles

    circles / triangles

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  8. breathers


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  9. Anonymous

    i dont understand the whole code thing?

    you wanna make art, you gotta write code. that’s just how it is these days

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  10. Anonymous

    how did you achieve this? /post/49953026642/party-dimension

    yikes that’s an old one.

    here is the code to make it (or a reasonable approximation)

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