1. circles / triangles

    circles / triangles

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  2. breathers


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  3. Anonymous

    what do you make the code on?

    Processing. a cool language for cool boys & girls

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  4. Anonymous

    i dont understand the whole code thing?

    you wanna make art, you gotta write code. that’s just how it is these days

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  5. Anonymous

    how did you achieve this? /post/49953026642/party-dimension

    yikes that’s an old one.

    here is the code to make it (or a reasonable approximation)

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  6. Anonymous

    can you post the code for diamonds? thanks

    Yeah sure here it is. (and here is the gif)

    you’ll need to put it into that motion blur / aberration thing I linked a while ago also. I forgot to save it when I did that.

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  7. ring dots

    ring dots

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  8. Anonymous

    Green and White dots is really beautiful. However, try this possibly cool mod. Loop over the set of green dots to make each one the center after one cycle. Make sure this changes the rotation pivot to a random green dot. Thus, every next cycle will use a different center. The effect might be cool. I don't know if I'm being clear. Can you post the source code in a github gist?

    hey I dunno what you’re talking about.

    here’s the code tho

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  9. weave wave

    weave wave

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